The history of this school is the history of a dream come true. So dream your dreams and never allow your life dreams or vision to die or be taken away from you. Have a vision in life, if it does not happen today, it may happen tomorrow.

The Sts. Margaret & Leopold (MARGLEO) International Secondary School Nkwumeato Ihitte/Uboma is a Catholic Mission School whose idea was hatched by Rev. Fr. Dr. Sabinus Iweadighi of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe Nigeria.

The idea was born 2006 by the 40th birthday celebration of the initiator. Looking back he released how difficult it is for children from less privileged families to get qualitative education even when they are talented or intelligent, since their parents may not afford it. Quality education has become a privilege of the rich. He therefore decided to institute this school to help accord mostly children from poor families who are talented and ready to learn the opportunity of a qualitative education.

2007 during one his home visits he broke the news to the traditional ruler of Nkwumeato and the parish community who welcomed the idea with great joy and the search for suitable site for the school in the village began.

The first proposed site for the school did not work out and in its place we got the present site of the school which is even more suitable than the first site. With the site problem solved we started negotiating and settling the land owners to whom we are very grateful. After the settlement, the site was cleared – bulldozed in preparation for the building. The site was then surveyed and the building plans drawn.

2008 we applied to the Imo State Ministry of Education under the then Commissioner for Education Hon. Mrs Comfort Chukwu for permission to establish the school.

August 2009, having gotten the permission to establish, we started with the building of the structures. We first fenced the school compound and laid the foundations for the first two buildings in the school compound which we completed by August 2010.

2010, we applied for approval and requested for Approval Inspection. September 2010, the school started with JSS 1 with 105 Students in JSS1 divided in three classes A,B,C. In the same year, in August 2010, we laid the foundation for the main academic block of the school – a storey building with 14 standard classrooms which is now already roofed.

2011, the school had the approval Inspection by the officials of the State Ministry of Education Owerri after which the school was approved by the Ministry of Education Owerri. In August of the same year 2011, we laid also the foundations for the student’s dormitory (a storey building) and the Exam Hall/ Refectory which we hope to finish before the JSS Examination (Junior WASCE) in June 2013. In September 2011, 42 new students started in the JSS 1 for the second year of the school’s existence.

2012, the school was registered with the Ministry of Education Owerri and acquired a Registration Number. with the Ministry. July 2012, we applied for subjects and Exam approval at the Ministry of Education Owerri in preparation for the JSSC Exam in June next year. And in September 2012, 40 new students shall be beginning with JSS1 in the school.

The school has the services of 11 qualified teachers on staff aided with the services of the NYSC members on the staff. The principal is seasoned principal of the state who has been principal in many renowned secondary schools in the state.