Awareness Curriculum - Exposure

We aim at exposing our students to learning experiences that will enable them fit into the modern day society, acquire skills that will empower them to live lives useful to the society and be able to compete with their contemporaries elsewhere.


The activities include:


1.     “MARGLEO” Corps: For order & discipline in the school by students and for students.

2.     “MARGLEO” Students Bank & Mini-Credit: Exposure to Banking and Lending Business. To aid students develop financial discipline and accountability.

3.     Quiz Competitions

4.     Science exhibitions

5.     Music Award Nights: to aid Music Talents students display expertise in playing music instruments or singing playbacks or even composing their own songs and displaying them.

6.     Theatre – Acting Plays

7.     Film production

8.     Cultural Dance

9.     Agric farm – Flora Documentation

10. Total personality building programs and seminars

11. “You and the News” – Political Awareness

12. Journalism – Article Writing

13. School Magazine