The school started in September 2010/11 academic season. After a thoroughly conducted Entrance Exam, the school started with three classes of Junior Secondary class 1 (JSS 1): 1A, 1B, and 1C. The population of the school at the moment is about 95 Students. Each class has a Form master and the school Uniform is Blue Skirt with white blouse with tie for girls and blue short and white shirt with tie for boys.



Th School war inaugurated on 5th Jan 2015 with the school now having complete 6 sets: JSS 1- 3 & SS 1- 3. We refused to crop students from other schools rather to move from JSS 1 with pionieer students of 2009/2010 till SS 3 in June 2015 when they the first set of Margleo Ss3 students will be graduating. As at Inauguration, the school has about 300 students in the Secondary section.



Margleo School Centre hat complete set of Nursery, Primary and Secondary classes and had the first three tier Graduations of Nursery/Primary Graduation and Secondary Graduation with the Nursery/Primary doing theirs seperately.

JSS 1A 2009/2010
JSS 1B 2019/2010
JSS 1C 20019/2010
Nursery/Primary Graduation Calender 2018
Margleo Secondary Graduation Claender 2018