About Us

The Sts. Margaret & Leopold (MARGLEO) International Secondary School Nkwumeato is a Catholic Mission School instituted by Rev. Fr. Sabinus Iweadighi of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe Nigeria with the assistance of his Austrian friends. The school is still in building. We got some structures ready to be able to start with the JSS1 class while the development of the site continues.

Every assistance to aid us develop the school and the idea behind the school shall be heartily welcomed and appreciated.


The Initiator Rev. Fr. Sabinus Iweadighi and the Board of Trustees control the School through the Principal and they are all accountable to the Bishop of Okigwe Catholic Diocese.


The school is inspired by the Mary Ward & Ignatian pedagogical standards, principles and values.

The school has about 2.5 hectares of land, securely walled, with classrooms, workshops, administrative block, and shall in due cause have staff quarters, students hostels, cafeteria with stage for acting plays, school clinic, Auditorium, borehole and Generator.