Margleo Fish Farm

Tampolin Pond

Margleo International Schools started mobile Fish ponds


Peter Walzl and Josef Bertl visit Margleo Nkwumeato with Victoria and Tobias

1: At the Assembly ground; 2. In the Primary class; 3. In the Class; 4.  Primary int he Assembly; 5.

In January 2018, 4 Austrian friends: Peter, Josef, Tobias and Victoria visited Margleo. Besides teaching the students German which Tobias and Victoria did wit joy, they group helped in preparing the building for eventual kick-off...


Agric session: Fr Sabinus prepares and plants seeds in the Nursery with Margleo students

Our Nation can feed itself if we begin in the school days to teach our children the ABC of farming in the right way. The Director Fr. Dr. Sabinus Iweadighi personally taught the students of Margleo how to prepare the Nursery and...[more]


The Obasi Nwanebe Scholarship Foundation of Rev. Fr. Dr. Sabinus Iweadighi offers Scholarships to over 120 children in Margleo and beyond

Over 120 children attend school in Margleo International School Centre free without paying school fees courtesy of the Obasi Nwanebe Scholarship Foundation. During his visit in July 2017 the Director Rev. Fr. Dr. Sabinus...[more]


Three new buildings blessed in Margleo Centre

Three new buildings blessed in Margleo School Centre during the Graduation Holy Mass on the 21st July 2017: A new female Dormitory, a new Nursery block and a new Corper's Lodge. To God be the glory.[more]